National Exhibition Of Wildlife Art

National Exhibition Of Wildlife Art

All good things come to an end........

and this is what the National Exhibition Wildlife Art will be doing, finishing on a high note after 24 years.

NEWA started as a very small exhibition when wildlife art shows were not available to see, unless you lived in London. Now they are all over the place, vying for attention. NEWA has, I am told, built up a reputation as one of the best in the world, showing excellent wildlife art, with great foot fall and sales. Nowadays buyers can visit the artists' websites and purchase direct, to the detriment of galleries and exhibitions.

As organiser from the beginning, I too must consider my health and advancing years, as the pressures are increasing in admin, bureaucracy, expenses and daily tasks. I have thoroughly enjoyed most aspects of the show and in many ways will miss it.

So a big thank you must go to the many volunteers, who have worked each year, sponsors who have generously given, artists who have delivered their work, buyers who have helped to keep us afloat financially and all the visitors who came from near and far.

Over the years NEWA has donated thousands of pounds to help wildlife charities, and I expect, when all is said and done, to make further contributions.

For a long time NEWA has introduced the wonders of wildlife art to both the knowledgeable and the non-connoisseurs and it is to be hoped that they will continue their appreciation. If so, that will be a satisfying legacy.

Marion Tuffrey

National Exhibition Of Wildlife Art