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Welcome to the National Exhibition Wildlife Art Charity Auction. Please browse through our Auction Catalogue. All the pieces of work have been generously donated by some of the worlds leading wildlife artists. All proceeds from the Auction will be donated to our three listed charities, The Wildlife Charity, Tusk and Chester Zoos new nature reserve. Help make this a spectacular birthday celebration. Details on how to take part are shown below.

The main exhibition is open to the public from 19th July - 4th August with an Art Marquee on 19th, 20th and 21st July with some of the artists who have donated pieces for the auction talking and demonstrating.

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All images on this website are the copyright of the artist and are not to be copied/printed without the artists permission.


(20) Puffling

 by Alison Ingham



(21) On The Run

 by Steven Lingham

On The Run


(22) Young Elephant

 by Julian Jardane

Young Elephant


(23) Deep Thought

 by Carl Thompson

Deep Thought


(24) So Demanding

 by John Threlfall

So Demanding


(25) Sisters

 by Wendy Youlton



(26) Elegance Avocet, Titchfield Haven

 by Clive Meredith

Elegance  Avocet, Titchfield Haven


(27) Lapwing Pair

 by Stephen Message

Lapwing Pair


(28) You Looking At Me!

 by Neil R Mason

You Looking At Me!


(29) Clarion Crane

 by Robert Gillmor

Clarion Crane


(30) Barn Owl Fly By

 by Stephen Walton

Barn Owl Fly By


(31) Hare In The Field

 by Annabel Thornton

Hare In The Field


(32) Sunday Snooze - Grey Heron

 by David Cook

Sunday Snooze - Grey Heron


(33) Sisterhood

 by Clare Shaughnessy



(34) Goldfinch

 by Alan M Hunt



(35) Downland Butterfly - Common Blue

 by Richard Tratt

Downland Butterfly - Common Blue


(36) Lone Sanderling

 by Chris Hindley

Lone Sanderling


(37) Black Guillemots

 by Lisa Hooper

Black Guillemots


(38) Footlights - Roe Deer

 by Andrea Brun

Footlights - Roe Deer


(39) Polar Bear

 by Eric Wilson

Polar Bear


(40) Woodcock - Painted With A Woodcock's Pin Feather

 by Colin Woolf

Woodcock - Painted With A Woodcock's Pin Feather


(41) African Night - Vulnerable

 by Jeremy Paul

African Night - Vulnerable


(42) Night Spirit

 by Michael Miller

Night Spirit


(43) Baby Elephant - Maasai Mara

 by Pip McGarry

Baby Elephant - Maasai Mara


(44) Tawny Owl

 by Kim Thompson

Tawny Owl


(45) Kingfisher On Reed Mace

 by Terance James Bond

Kingfisher On Reed Mace


(46) The Ghost Of Lanzhou

 by Robbie Graham

The Ghost Of Lanzhou


(47) Fine Feathered Friend

 by Paul Dyson

Fine Feathered Friend


(48) Guidance

 by Wendy Corbett



(49) Turnstone Tide

 by Andrew Beckett

Turnstone Tide


(50) Almost Human

 by Robert Cook

Almost Human


(51) Coal Tits

 by Martin Rumary

Coal Tits


(52) Present, Future ... Past?

 by Heather Irvine

Present, Future ... Past?



National Exhibition Of Wildlife Art